ReadyStk[B2B]Baseus Car Jump Starter 1200mag1000A Portable Emergency Starter PowerBank 12V Auto Booster Battery Car
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Name:Baseus Super Energy Pro Car JumpStarter
Capacity: 2000mah/ 3.7V / 44.4wh
Rated output capacit : 7900mah
Input: 5V = 3A (Max)
USB output: 5V = 2.4A (Max)
Type-c output: 5V = 3A
Starting voltage: 12V
Starting current: 600A
Peak Current: 1000A
Suitable for: 12V 6.0L gasoline car /12V 3.5L diesel car

[ Suitable for 90% vehicles ]
️12V petrol vehicles with displacement not exceeding 4.0L
️12V diesel vehicles with displacement not exceeding 2.5L
️For emergency ignition of automobiles

??Do You have such troubles??
Left unused for too long
The car cannot be started as it has been lert unused in the garage for too long during the last several months of business trip ana travelling
Negligence in using battery-consuming applliances
I forgot to turn off the lights and radio when left the car and the battery consumed too much and resulted in the start-up failure in the next day
Temperature is too low
As the temperature in winter is too low. the car battery capacity is insufficient, which is so serious that the car cannot be started normally

Emergency Ignition Start-up of Automobiles
Solving the problem of the abnormal automobile ignition for start-up due to the power loss of the long-term storage battery or the low temperature in winter, and the emergency ignition is safe and convenient
Universal for diesel and gasoline vehicles
Available for 12v gasoline vehicles with a displacement of not more than 4.0L and 12v diesel vehicles with a displacement of not more than 2.5L
Safe Cell, Safe under Low Temperature
High magnification polymer cell, safe under low temperature, designed for automobile ignition
Multiple Protection, Safe for Use
Multiple built-in protection mechanisms: over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, etc. safety guaranteed and ease of use
Package Included: Jump Starter Power Bank*1,Smart Ignition Clip*1

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